Donnie's Fund

Supporting families in neonatal intensive care and furthering dialogue on medical ethics
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About Donnie's Fund

Our son Donnie was born with a life limiting condition and lived for just 142 days. He spent his life in the neonatal intensive care unit at University College Hospital where he had fantastic care. With the support of the unit, Donnie wasn’t just kept alive but lived – you can learn more about this by reading Donnie's Story.

We created Donnie’s Fund to:

  • Make life easier for families in the neonatal unit at UCH, who often need to travel long distances and juggle the needs of other family members
  • Help families on the unit include their babies in their family's life
  • Further dialogue on medical ethics

We welcome your donation - our initial target is to raise £25,560, that is £180 for every day of Donnie's life.

Your donation will help us achieve our aims.
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